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Funzies In The Silver Market

From Numismaster: London Squeeze Raises Silver Price (by Patrick A. Heller, 9-4-12) When the price of silver topped $30 about 10 days ago, demand on this exchange surged. The best information I have is that at least two purchases were made then, each in the range of 5-10 million ounces of silver. The sellers simply [...]

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Jim Rickards: Inflation On The Way

KingWorldNews audio interview with Jim Rickards: Fed likely to engage in "nominal GDP targeting," "Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner are a greater threat to the national security of the United States and the value of the US Dollar than any adversary of the United States." Eighteen minutes.  Click on this link to download and listen.

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Jim Grant and Jim Rickards Explain Money: 10 Minute Video

Video at link after somewhat irritating and loud (but mercifully short) commercial. After watching, this from Peter Beaumont with The Guardian might be relevant: The head of China's biggest ratings agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, is warning that it may downgrade the US's sovereign debt rating again because of Washington's failure to tackle the federal budget [...]

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Cliff Diving 101: The Race To The Bottom

Precious metals "bugs" have long predicted that the final phase of the hyperinflationary depression would be a "race to the bottom." This race is a currency race, or more correctly a war, where each nation tries to boost its domestic industries by making its exports cheaper. How does it do that? By shamelessly and radically [...]

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Chavez Chucks A Hand Grenade: This One Goes Off

In case you've been living under a rock, this morning (8/19) gold reached a new all-time peak of $1878.00 per troy ounce. Rumblings of backwardation (a kind of market price inversion where a premium is placed on real gold versus paper gold) have come to the gold market.               [...]

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Introducing The Sound Money Promotion Act, S. 1287

Want to stop deficit spending? Shut off the Fed's printing presses because at this point, the Fed is buying most federal debt with dollars it printed up in the basement. The simple act of requiring money to be real would mean the presses would stop, since nothing with "real" value comes off a printing press. [...]

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The Collapse Accelerates

Zerohedge: Chinese Treasury Holdings Decline For Fifth Month In A Row, Biggest Drop Since November 2010 Zerohedge: Empire State Manufacturing Index Plunges, Comes At 11.9 Down From 21.7, And Big Miss To Expectations Of 19.55 (May 2011 report) Business Insider: Empire State Manufacturing Survey Collapses, Comes In NEGATIVE (June 2011 report) The Empire State Manufacturing [...]

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China’s Investment Demand For Gold Jumps 123 Percent Year-Over-Year, Up From Record Levels Last Year

This is not investment advice. I am not an investment professional, and you should seek professional advice before making any investments. Bloomberg: Gold imports by China may increase after investment demand more than doubled in the first quarter, with the country overtaking India to become the largest market for gold coins and bars, the World [...]

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Ben Bernanke’s Lone Positive Legacy: A Return To The Gold Standard

This article appeared as an Op-Ed in Forbes: Follow the link above and read the whole thing. Teasers: "I’ll make two predictions with utter confidence. The first is that one day Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be ridden out of town on a rail, joining Arthur Burns in that special circle of hell reserved [...]

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