Yesterday, on Katie Couric’s show, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg “speculated” that the terrorist who tried to bomb Time Square was “someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the healthcare bill.” In other words, he was trying to blame the Tea Party movement and the patriotic Americans who stood up and fought against this usurpation of our rights.

Well, guess what? The bomber is a naturalized citizen from Pakistan, with ties to the terrorists in Pakistan.

Instead of apologizing for getting it wrong, or insulting mainstream, patriotic Americans, Bloomberg’s response has been to say that “bias will not be tolerated.” Mr. Mayor, how about your bias against the majority of Americans in this country?

Mayor Bloomberg needs to apologize to all of the Americans he insulted with his “speculation.”

Call Mayor Bloomberg’s office at (212)-NEW-YORK and demand that he apologize to those patriotic Americans who he is so fond of smearing.

For those of you who Twitter, until he apologizes, please use the hashtag #Apologize. Let’s make that one of Twitter’s top trending tags. Let’s keep it up until he apologizes.

One of the NTPF members, Tea Party Nation, put out the email above. We agree wholeheartedly. We cannot allow this false narrative to be perpetuated.

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