Delegate Sam Nixon (27th House District), Republican who represents part of Chesterfield along the Rt. 360 corridor, has been appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell to Head the Virginia Information Technology Agencies.  Because of Nixon’s appointment, there will be a special election to fill this House of Delegate seat in Chesterfield. The Richmond Tea Party strongly encourages you to be involved in the election process if you live in the district.   You have two opportunities to be involved: 1) in the nomination process of the Party of your choosing, and 2) in the General Special Election on June 15th.

Here are some basic details for you to be involved and make a difference:

  • Are you in the district? There are a couple of ways to find out.  First, this district only covers parts of Chesterfield. See if you are in the right part of Chesterfield by going to this 27th House District Map. You can also go to this link and enter your address and it will let you know if you are in the 27th House District when you expand the district tab.
  • Our understanding is that a Democratic candidate has not declared yet, so we don’t have information to provide you for this nomination process. We have checked the Chesterfield Democratic website and the Virginia Democratic websites to verify.
  • The Republican Party is having a Party Canvass THIS MONDAY, May 10, from 4pm-8pm.  A party canvass means that instead of voting at your normal voting location, there will only be 3 locations to vote at between 4pm-8pm. There are four Republican candidates in this race. We encourage you to learn more about them and vote in this nomination process if you are inclined to this Party.
  • The General Special Election date is June 15th. Once we enter the general election phase, we will provide ALL the declared candidates with questionaires for them to complete and we will post their answers on our website so you can make a decision for the general election.

For the Republican Canvass, there are four candidates running. We will be posting more information about each of them on our website over the next day or two. In the meantime, you can learn more about them all by visiting their websites:

If you plan on voting in the Republican Canvass, they will only have 3 locations to vote and you only have a 4 hour window. Here are the details on that process:

The 27th District Republican Party Canvass shall be held on Monday, May 10, 2010 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The purpose of the Canvass shall be to nominate a Republican candidate for the June 15, 2010 Special Election.

The Party Canvass will be conducted in three voting locations as follow: 

        Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Bird, Beulah, Meadowbrook, Falling Creek, Chippenham, Southside, Five Forks and Gates shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass: 

Meadowbrook High School – 4901 Cogbill Road Richmond, VA 23234 

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Providence, LaPrade, Jacobs, St. Lukes, Crenshaw and Genito shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass: 

Manchester Middle School – 7401 Hull Street Road Richmond, VA 23235 

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: South Manchester, Spring Run, Deer Run, Birkdale and Cosby shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass: 

Swift Creek Baptist Church – 7511 North Spring Run Road Midlothian, VA 23112 

We will follow up with more information over the next 48 hours. Our goal is to provide you enough information about all candidates so that you can make an informed decision. The Richmond Tea Party is all about activism…let’s get rolling!


We just received a phone call from the Democratic Party of Virginia.  A Democratic candidate has announced TODAY for thE 27th Special Election. His name is William P. Brown and he is the current Chesterfield Democratic Party Chairman. He is the only candidate for the Democrats to announce so far, so as of now there is no Party Canvass for the Democrats to tell you about. Potential candidates have until May 14th to announce their candidacy. After the Party Canvass, we will be submitting candidate questions to the candidates and will post their answers on our website. Stay tuned…