President Obama has become notorious for his wholesale breaking of promises. Broken promises to the center and right are one big reason that the majority of conservatives and independents disapprove of his administration, and broken promises to the left are a major reason for his deterioration of support among liberals and his consequent campaign based entirely on feeding red meat to the left.

Chris Jacobs, a policy analyst for the U.S. Senate’s Republican Policy Committee, issued a memo, made available to the Richmond Tea Party, that highlights one of Obama’s biggest broken promises, one he made to everybody. Jacobs wrote:

(T)he American people have every reason to believe that the Obama Administration has not lived up to expectations on health care–because it hasn’t….(C)andidate Obama said repeatedly (Obamacare) would CUT (health care) premiums by an average of $2,500 per family–meaning premiums would go DOWN, not merely just “go up by less than projected.”  The campaign also promised that that those reductions would occur within Obama’s first term.  However, the annual Kaiser Foundation survey of employer-provided insurance found that average family premiums totaled $12,860 in 2008$13,375 in 2009, and $13,770 in 2010 and $15,073 this year.  In other words, while candidate Obama promised premiums would fall by $2,500 on average, premiums have already risen by $2,213 during the Obama Administration.

Jacobs cited the latest Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll which showed that, by an over two-to-one margin, respondents found that the Obama Administration had failed to live up to its expectations on health care…. “So much for the claims by Senator Schumer and others that ‘Now that (Obmacare) is enacted, it’s going to become more and more popular,’” Jacobs said.

Jacobs concluded:

One of the prime reasons Americans (cite) health care as their largest personal worry is skyrocketing costs…. (S)pending will actually rise thanks to (Obamacare), as will premiums.  It’s one of the most damaging of all the broken promises made by the President on health care, one which will hit millions of struggling families directly in the wallet.