We hear all the time that “the republicans have no plan” regarding healthcare, even though there have been a number of plans submitted for consideration over these last several years.

While repealing Obamacare is obviously required, this “replace” chatter is concerning. The republicans are likely thinking this is a pragmatic move, but that doesn’t change the fact there’s zero authority for the feds to be involved in healthcare whatsoever. “Replace” seemed to be a concoction by the likes of Mitt Romney and Eric Cantor. No thank you, I’ll take freedom instead. Let the states figure out healthcare.

Way to go, Congressman Brat! (VA-7)

Members of the House Freedom Caucus’ unveil proposed legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act. They are joined by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who has offered a companion bill in the Senate.

Source: Freedom Caucus Unveils Affordable Care Act | Video | C-SPAN.org