In a move that is simultaneously outrageous and disappointing, newly-elected Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney established the city as a de facto sanctuary city (for illegal aliens) on Monday, February 6th. Of all the concerns about which the new mayor could be concerned, he chose ignoring the rule of law and harming its residents as one of his noteworthy first acts. Since his actions are akin to harboring criminals (which is itself a crime), and since the new Trump administration is focused on sanctuary city lawlessness, perhaps Richmond will soon enjoy some federal attention.

To learn more about the background of Stoney that drives his decisions, read his Wikipedia entry which details how he was extensively involved in the Obama campaign efforts, and how he was employed by Terry McAuliffe’s scandal-ridden GreenTech auto company and was noted as McAuliffe’s “closest adviser”.

Language of the directive:

I hereby direct the Chief Administrative Office of the City of Richmond to take all necessary and appropriate measures to ensure that all departments under her supervision observe and adhere to the following policies:

1) That our City will protect and promote policies of inclusion for all of its residents regardless of their national origin, immigration or refugee status, race, color, creed, gender, disability, sexual orientation or sexual identity.

2) That the Richmond Police Department will not consent to participate with the Immigration Customs Enforcement 278(g) agreements, and in the interest of public safety and protecting communities, will maintain its policy of not inquiring as to the place of birth or immigration status of individuals with whom it comes into contact.

3) That in our interactions as representatives of our City, all employees will focus on the needs and safety of our residents, not on their legal status, and will advocate for and promote their wellbeing.

Signed this day, February 6, 2017

Laws matter in a civilized society. Stoney doesn’t get to pick and choose which laws should or should not be enforced. This departure from the rule of law should give you pause about whether or not you want to do business in the city. Several of us are in conversations now about pulling upcoming tea party events out of the city until this directive is reversed.

If you’d like to contact the Mayor’s office to share comments/concerns, you can do so here: Office of the Mayor

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