An Independence Day-inspired Dodge Freedom ad featuring George Washington has reporter Amy Gardner wondering in a July 6 Washington Post article if “Madison Avenue has gone Tea Party.” The ad shows George Washington advancing on a cavalry brigade in a Dodge Charger, with American flags flying. Does this mean the media will stop hating, and start hearting the Tea Party movement?

Not so fast, folks. Look at the ad. Blogger Ed Morrissey at Hot did, and asks, “Did Chrysler think that Tea Party supporters are too stupid to realize that Chrysler got a bailout and a strongarmed bankruptcy, courtesy of Barack Obama, hardly a darling of the Tea Party crowd? This commercial seems to go out of its way to insult the intelligence of what is apparently their target market for muscle cars.” Oh, that’s probably not going to help sales.

They hate us, they love us, they can’t stop talking about us! I guess we should feel flattered.