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Floor Statement of House Appropriations Committee Chairman Putney on House Budget

On Thursday, Feb. 10, Delegate Lacey E. Putney (I-Bedford), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, opened House debate on HB 1500, amendments to the Fiscal Year 2011-2012 State Budget with these remarks. Highlights of the House budget amendments include the following key provisions that underscore the House's fiscally responsible approach to state finances: Dedicates $112 [...]

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James Bacon is the RTP Monthly Meeting Featured Speaker

The RTP meeting on February 22 will feature James Bacon of www.baconsrebellion.com. He is the author of Boomergeddon and also speaks nationally (CNN and radio talk shows across the U.S. and Canada) about the national debt and out-of-control congressional spending. Read about Jim Bacon. Date: 2/22/2011 Time: 7:00 p.m. Place: James River High School

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Don’t Forget: Attend Town Halls Jan. 4 in Hanover and Henrico and Jan. 5 in Chesterfield

Meet with your Virginia General Assembly representatives at a Town Hall session, Jan. 4 in Hanover and Henrico Counties and Jan. 5 in Chesterfield, sponsored by The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Cooperative Legislative Action Committee. Details are below or go to the events calendar. Topics include current legislative issues and the VA 10th Amendment Revolution Freedom Bills 2011. [...]

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Poll: put an end to rampant federal spending!

As the current congressional lame duck session runs out the clock and spins itself out of relevance, citizens clamor for order and common sense. According to a November 30 AP-CNBC poll, "Americans prefer cutting federal services to raising taxes by nearly 2-1." While the poll shows little agreement on the correct prescription to cure the budget overage woes of [...]

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Debt Clock Time Machine: Back to the Future?

Have you looked at the national debt clock lately? It has a handy “time machine” feature (top right corner) that is frightening in what it portends for our federal budget if we continue with our out-of-control federal spending. While 2010 looks pretty bad, with a national debt of $13.7 trillion, the clock projects $17.4 trillion in [...]

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Will this Young Gun take Aim at Government Spending in 2011?

If, as pundits predict, Republicans recapture the House of Representatives from the Democrats in elections next month, Congressman Eric Cantor (R-Va.) would most likely become majority leader, and “he could be Barack Obama’s worst nightmare,” according to an October 2 Wall Street Journal article by Steve Moore, senior economics writer for the WSJ editorial page. Cantor [...]

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Senator Webb, Support ALL the Bush Tax Cuts!

While Senator Jim Webb (D-Va.) has proven to be a solid, left-wing voter so far, (ObamaCare, Financial Reform, etc.), it looks like he may be trying to slip out of lockstep and tiptoe to the right this fall, along with some other fellow Democrats who fear an increasingly angry electorate. Blogger Jay Hefflin notes  in a September [...]

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Veiled Transparency

It is so disappointing to realize that the Obama Administration, with all of its promises of transparency, has failed to deliver to "We the People." Granted, this is a difficult task, but it doesn't look like a priority any more for our Administration. Timothy P. Carney reported last week in the Washington Examiner that "Obama eliminated [...]

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Change of Heart about the Tea Party? Kind of, Sort of, Not Really

An Independence Day-inspired Dodge Freedom ad featuring George Washington has reporter Amy Gardner wondering in a July 6 Washington Post article if "Madison Avenue has gone Tea Party." The ad shows George Washington advancing on a cavalry brigade in a Dodge Charger, with American flags flying. Does this mean the media will stop hating, and start hearting the Tea Party movement? Not so [...]

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Trapped in Underland

What a fitting coincidence that the DVD version of Tim Burton’s "Alice in Wonderland" movie was released last week, and the Senate also passed that strange financial reform bill! Starting with the ObamaCare mess, and now with this most recent piece of ill-begotten legislation, I feel like Alice, fallen down a rabbit hole and into [...]

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