[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#cf2121″]C[/dropcap]hesterfield residents:

How do you feel about the county spending your tax dollars to market the proposed meals tax to you? Launching a new website to specifically sway the opinions of uninformed residents?

ITS FOR THE CHILDREN, you see. What, you don’t think that the county needs to tighten its belt during an economic downturn? I mean, its for CHILDREN and EMERGENCY SERVICES COMMUNICATIONS, don’t you know? Anyone who opposes these things hates children and wants people to not have emergency services communications, obviously.

I bet you’re asking “surely we’re cutting expenses to the bone before establishing a BRAND NEW TAX, right?” You’d be wrong.

So I clicked on the website “Meals Tax” page to see what the county had to say. I was thrilled to learn that although the state allows up to 4% tax, the benevolent administrators in Chesterfield were blessing us with only requesting 2%! Don’t you feel lucky? And you know what was the prevailing justification for creating this brand-new tax? “Everywhere else in VA is doing it”. Yes, seriously. You can check it out here: http://yourvoicefirstchoice.com/meals-tax/

And I like the website name too…”Your voice, your choice”. Sounds much better than “We want to confiscate more units of your labor.com”. Now now…I’m sure that once the meals tax is imposed at 2% that it won’t IMMEDIATELY be raised to 4% as soon as the economy gets worse. You have that confidence too, right?

Remember this on November 5th when you go to polls. REJECT the establishment of a NEW tax in Chesterfield – and it will likely never be repealed. The website stipulates that it will be written with a sunset provision. “Will be”.

Now you’re informed…or should I say warned.

Here’s the site, if you’d like to appreciate what your tax dollars is funding:

[button color=”#ffffff” background=”#cf2121″ size=”large” src=”http://yourvoicefirstchoice.com/”]Click HERE for more incremental taxes![/button]

And remember, “Everyone else is doing it!”


PS: If you’d like to let Chesterfield know what think in a vocal and visual manner, come join the Chesterfield Taxpayer Alliance for a Taxpayer Protest at Old Chesterfield Courthouse on Wednesday August 28th at 6PM: http://chesterfieldtaxpayer.blogspot.com/2013/08/taxpayer-protest-at-old-chesterfield.html