Well, well, well…seems like the GOP in the 5th congressional district hasn’t learned their lesson from the NY23 race.    See the write up that was done yesterday on this issue.  Here is an excerpt from www.virginiateapartypatriots.com

The first mistake happened in December when six of the seven candidates for the GOP nomination were in support of a Convention and so were the grassroots, but GOP Establishment went against the will of all concerned to give a favorable and preferred Primary process to Senator Hurt, even though the Virginia State Budget is $4 billion in the hole and local government will now be burdened to fund this election.

Now Senator Hurt has stated he will not participate in the debates, even though he personally gave his word to the 5th District tea parties and confirmed his participation with a local tv station only 24 hours ago for the January 23 debate!   This date was specifically picked in order to facilitate Hurt’s General Assembly session.

Would you like to see the entire story and the press release that the 5th District Tea Party sent out?  Then go here:  http://virginiateapartypatriots.com/2010/01/senator-hurt-makes-second-big-mistake-in-bid-for-gop-nomination-feared-repeat-of-ny-23/