RTP Rallies to Protest Amnesty and to Support the Rule of Law

Last Monday, supporters of the Richmond Tea Party did it again! We loaded folks onto 2 buses and headed up the highway to Washington, D.C., this time to take part in the “DC March for Jobs.” The event was reminiscent of the anti-IRS rally on the steps of the Capitol only a few weeks before, but this time the focus shifted to a new issue.

As the House weighed its options on the so-called “Immigration Bill” (the term “immigration” infers that the applicant for citizenship is here legally, but this bill deals with amnesty for illegal aliens…a radically different concept), the Richmond Tea Party joined itself to thousands of others at the Freedom Plaza, two blocks from the White House. Led by the Black American Leadership Alliance and Congressman Steve King, the group then marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to Senate Park on Capitol Hill. The army of activists carried signs and chanted slogans as attentive tourists and by-standers witnessed a living example of our rights to free speech & assembly.

Once arrived on the “Hill,” music and speeches fired up the crowd. Speakers included congressmen, senators, and other notables. Col. Allen West gave an inspirational message, and the event concluded with a common-sense speech by Ted Cruz. Issues centered on the fact that amnesty would result in catastrophic job losses among American citizens (the black community, in particular), as well as phenomenal costs to you, the tax-payer, and the erosion of respect for the Rule of Law.

At the end of the day, Richmond Tea Party supporters returned hot, tired, but very satisfied that they had done a good day’s work in helping to sway public opinion, support our liberty-minded representatives, and to protest amnesty. That’s two highly successful events in 3 weeks…Richmond Tea Party is on a roll!

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