So far, the coverage of the Virginia Tea Party Convention — the largest Tea Party convention anywhere to date — has been very positive. Here’s an excerpt from what the Richmond Times-Dispatch had to say:

Like a student late for class, Suzanne Curran, 71, marched purposefully through the halls of the Greater Richmond Convention Center in a sticker-covered “November is Coming” T-shirt, an overflowing handbag under one arm and a stack of documents under the other.

A political volunteer and activist since Republican Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign, Curran — one of more than 2,800 people who attended this weekend’s Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention — called the tea party the most exciting political movement she has seen.

“When we — as people fighting to save constitutional government — can trigger derogatory language from the president of the United States, that’s heart-pumping exciting,” she said. “That means we’re making a difference.”

A political movement that began as a spasm of anger has now settled into something different. With its optimism now matching its anger, the tea party is getting down to the business of effecting change and planning for a long-term future.

For those of you who attended, please leave a comment about your experience and any thoughts you have about the future of the Tea Party, especially in Virginia.