Let’s take a look at our vocabulary. On the one hand we have the word “Czar”…one of Obama’s buzzwords. That word implies a government job (in Obama’s camp) that has great powers but few if anyone to report to. Who are these people and what for? The word “Czar,” in other parts of the world indicates among other things, a tyrant or one in solitary control of finances. Usually not a good connotation. That word became one of the first to be used by the incoming president two years ago. Historically it has been used in Russian government and in my opinion has no place in our lexicon. No one person in our government should wear such a vest as implied by that word. He promised more “transparent” government, not one whose word was final. So…I say we scrap the word “Czar” from usage in our government to be. 

Then we come to another “C” word, that being the word “cusp.” Who can dispute the fact that we, those of us who have publicly stood up for the Tea Party, are more and more proven to be on the cusp of what is to come in our Government? This word “cusp” suggests a point at which two tangents converge. It implies the first and last part of a house or a sign. And that is what this “Tea Party” intends to become: that precise point where two non-convergent parties come to an end, to be replaced by the will of the people. That is you and me. When the media sets out to make the Tea Party into nothing more than something to snicker at and belittle nightly, what they are actually doing is showing fear and discomfort with a large portion of American People who are mighty tired of the status quo. As with most other misinformed groups, they refuse to acknowledge that we are indeed on the cusp of making a difference in American Government. We are neither Democrat nor Republican. Get used to that! We are, however, very interested in reclaiming our country and returning it not so much to what was, but what is possible in striving for a better life for ourselves and our posterity.

We refuse to shy away from your czaristic tactics and we choose to retain our place at the cusp of better government of the people, by the people, and for the people!