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The Feeding Frenzy Goes On

In spite of the gloomy forecasts we read daily, the Dems continue down that twisting road with the same old song, that being spend, spend and spend. Now The Hill is reporting they may try to pass another $1 trillon in spending during the lame duck session immediately following the November election. It becomes more [...]

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Neither a Demolican nor a Republicrat be!

The attempt of the Media continues. It would be so simple if they could tie the Tea Party to one or the other existing party. But it just isn't going to happen. The Tea Party is growing so rapidly that we don't need any help or guidance from either. In fact, neither party has been [...]

By |2010-09-26T21:05:41-04:00September 26th, 2010|Tea Party|2 Comments

Do you ‘C’ what I ‘C” …

Let's take a look at our vocabulary. On the one hand we have the word “Czar”...one of Obama's buzzwords. That word implies a government job (in Obama's camp) that has great powers but few if anyone to report to. Who are these people and what for? The word "Czar," in other parts of the world indicates among other [...]

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Trust or No Trust in Government

In recent news we read that there remains a lack of trust in government. And rightly so. But emerging is proof that help is on the way. More and more we see that indeed the Tea Party is alive and well, working to hold our government accountable. But as with most such maladies as mistrust, [...]

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Meet John Doe the “Enabler”

Google defines "enabler" as a person who through his or her actions allows someone to achieve something. Most often the term "enabler" is associated with people who allow loved ones to behave in ways that are destructive. For example, a friend enables a compulsive spender by lending them money to get out of debt. In [...]

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