In spite of the gloomy forecasts we read daily, the Dems continue down that twisting road with the same old song, that being spend, spend and spend. Now The Hill is reporting they may try to pass another $1 trillon in spending during the lame duck session immediately following the November election.

It becomes more obvious daily that they care not where our country is being led under the leadership of their incumbency, but rather what a precarious situation they can leave for the next Congress to deal with. There can be little doubt that they have lost sight of what’s good for John Doe, but rather what they can add to the thirteen-plus trillions already¬†destined to burden our progeny for years to come. It would seem that panic has set in for the failing Dems. But to continue adding to the National Debt like the proverbial “Drunken Sailor” is totally unacceptable. They have not the backbone to consider important legislation before their recent recess, yet they blindly surge ahead with unprecedented spending.

Please take notice Mr. and Mrs John Doe. Only a few days remaining before November 2nd!