Google defines “enabler” as a person who through his or her actions allows someone to achieve something. Most often the term “enabler” is associated with people who allow loved ones to behave in ways that are destructive. For example, a friend enables a compulsive spender by lending them money to get out of debt. In this fashion, though the enabler may be acting out of love and trying to help and protect a person, he or she is actually making a chronic problem like an addiction worse by continuing his actions. Someone is there to bail him out of trouble and continue to enable this behavior. 

Democrats are proposing a Transaction Tax (1% on ALL financial transactions in Pelosi Speak) that will tax banks, credit unions, mutual funds, brokers, etc. The excuse is to reduce the massive deficit – which they created – but this really just gives them more money to waste. And as financial institutions pass the taxes on to the John Doe consumer, you and I – as always – are stuck paying the bill. 

When we will stop playing the enabler of this spend and tax Congress?