In recent news we read that there remains a lack of trust in government. And rightly so. But emerging is proof that help is on the way. More and more we see that indeed the Tea Party is alive and well, working to hold our government accountable.

But as with most such maladies as mistrust, there will be scars and confusion. It is not unlike what is called “D.T’s”, spelled out as Delirium Tremens — in English, that is delirious tremors. This condition is recognized by certain symptoms such as temporary mental confusion and cloudy consciousness, anxiety, hallucinations, delusions and incoherence. A deviation from a straight line.

What we currently see is a day in which voters are again lining up in a straight line, targeting a new trust in government by electing trustworthy officials. Despite this sign of healing, Speaker Pelosi declares that she is sure that “Not one grain of sand” will be lost by the (untrustworthy) Democrats on election day. Can this be diagnosed as clear thinking?

The vast majority of Tea Party members are not to be feared, as they are working toward a more transparent and honest government for all. And they will be emulated by many more as the fog is lifted and a new day dawns when all of us will arise every morning to a higher level trust in government.