It’s been quite a ride so far, hasn’t it? In less than a year and a half since our first Tea Party, the movement has exploded into more protests and rallies, marches, viral videos of passionate town hall appearances, visits to congressional offices, bus trips to Washington D.C. (and other cities across America), online and in-person training sessions, conventions, the establishment and cooperation of local and national organizations—all combining to influence the debate on every major issue and entirely reshape the political landscape. 

All this despite the continued attempts from our detractors (politicians, the mainstream media, progressive bloggers, etc.) to discredit us. We have so effectively pushed back against the Big Government narrative that the attacks against us continue to be ratcheted up. The latest iteration of this is the website, which is partially sponsored by Think Progress, a George Soros-funded operation. Their aim is to highlight supposedly objectionable behavior from the Tea Party, hoping other Americans will shun us.

I cannot overstate this when I say, GIVE YOURSELVES A HUGE PAT ON THE BACK! Our movement is so influential now that our detractors have had to roll out the globalist/socialist multi-millions to combat us. They are desperate and simply can’t deal with an America in which average, self-funded and self-motivated citizens are speaking up and engaging in helping drive the political dialogue.

The best part is, all their attacks seem to only make us stronger, as more people check out who we are and actually find out the truth that we’re just ordinary Americans concerned about the direction of our country. There is no zillionaire funding us; there are no marching orders coming from operatives huddled in political war rooms. Our unhidden agenda is spelled out precisely in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.


And we’re just getting started.