We are trying to mobilize for a last-minute protest on Monday at the State Capitol against the Senate burying our 10th Amendment bill, Firearm Freedom Act (HB69) AND against the 24% tax increase on all phone lines. We need as many bodies as possible to make an impact. We would like 200-500 people at the State Capitol on Monday. Get a free lunch out of it as well. Read on…

Tax increases and killing our 10th Amendment bill–if that doesn’t get Tea Party people angry and mobilized, then what are we doing? :)

We will protest the Senate trying to bury the Firearm Freedom Act on Monday at 11am at the Bell Tower. The Richmond Tea Party only had 2 bills in the General Assembly, and they are killing one of our 10th Amendment bills. Our own Joe Guarino of Richmond Tea Party will speak on our behalf at the protest. Here are the details:

Monday, March 8
State Capitol, Bell Tower
Speakers: Tito the Builder, Delegate Carrico (the Chief Sponsor for HB69), Joe Guarino of Richmond Tea Party, and more.
AFP is providing a free lunch at the Omni Hotel after the protest.

Here is some background on our HB69 bill:

Anti-gun Senator Marsh is hoping that the full committee can avoid a vote on our 10th Amendent bill by sending it to subcommittee to be buried, which is where HB69 has been sent. However, the Senate Rules require that subcommittees report bills to the full committee:

“20 (h). The Chair of any Committee may appoint subcommittees to consider a particular bill or resolution or to consider matters relative to a portion of the work of the Committee. Such subcommittees ***shall*** make recommendations to the Committee. The Chair of the full Committee shall be an ex officio member of all subcommittees and entitled to vote, but shall not be counted as a member for purposes of a quorum. All subcommittees shall be governed by the Rules of the Senate. ”

The State Senate is violating its own rules. Please tell Republican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling (who presides over the Senate) and Democrat Senator Dick Saslaw (who is the Majority Leader of the Senate), and Senator Marsh (Chairman of the Committee) that we want the Senate rules followed! We want an up or down vote…no gimmicks.

Come to the rally and call/email these leaders and let them know you are coming:
Senator Saslaw, di********@se****.gov, 804-698-7535
Lt. Governor Bolling, bi**********@lt***.gov, 804-786-2078
Senator Henry Marsh, di********@se****.gov, 804-698-7516

There is also one more hope. We can amend a senate bill that is in the House, and substitute our HB69 language. We need the help and cooperation of Speaker Howell and Majority Leader Morgan Griffith in order to accomplish this task. Speaker Howell is a co-sponsor of this bill. Delegate Griffith has stated he is willing to help, but he doesn’t believe the bill is germane. Here is an email that you can send.

Dear Speaker and Majority Leader,

As you know, Henry Marsh has decided to kill all gun bills in his subcommittee against senate rules. It has been determined that the only way to resurrect HB69, Firearm Freedom Act, is to offer it as a substitute to one of the senate bills in the House. The Virginia Tea Party Patriots had only two bills in the General Assembly (HB10, HB69). We will not let this bill go down without a fight and would greatly appreciate your assistance.

We have researched the bills and believe that SB501 is germane. SB501 and HB69 come from the exact same section of the Code 18.2-308 and deal with firearms. I understand that you believe this is not a germane bill. However, I also know this comes down to the ruling of the Speaker.

Speaker, we are very grateful that you co-sponsored this bill. Delegate Griffith, you have expressed a willingness to offer an applicable substitute. This bill is very important to Tea Party Patriots in Virginia. We just need to carry this bill over the victory line.

Speaker Bill Howell – de********@ho***.gov
Delegate Morgan Griffith – De**********@ho***.gov