If the pending 24% tax increase on home, business, and cell phones seems small enough to not worry about, you have just become a victim of incrementalism—the proven tactic of the relentless left bent on transforming this nation to fulfill their dream of total government control. They have spent a century eroding our freedoms by creating a program here and raising a tax there, so that we now find ourselves living in a country we don’t recognize. And because good people have not stood up strongly enough against the little things, the left has been emboldened to do the big things. Thus, we find ourselves on the verge of Obamacare.

We cannot allow them another inch. Our elected officials must know we are watching EVERYTHING they do and we will no longer roll over and allow sneaky taxes just because they’re “small.” What is small today is massive tomorrow.

Yes, government needs to fund its own operation, but does anyone in the Tea Party movement seriously believe they don’t collect enough taxes already? And even if they did need more, does anyone really trust them to use it as they promise? Or in any responsible manner whatsoever? Of all people, Tea Party Patriots should understand this best.

Government’s problem isn’t a lack of tax revenue, it’s out-of-control spending.  And until they show us they’re serious about responsible stewardship of the people’s hard-earned money for an extended period of time, we would be foolish to allow them to take another penny from us. If we don’t show up at the Capitol for the rally on Monday, though, they will know they can continue to kill us through incrementalism.