In a fall election when republicans had more seats to lose than to gain across the state, the party was able to hold the line and retain control of the VA senate with Glen Sturtevant’s win over democrat Dan Gecker. This results in a senate majority for the GOP at 21-19 seats. This win is especially notable for the GOP, as this 10th district race saw a massive influx of cash from outside the state going to support Gecker.

Times Dispatch:

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Another notable GOP win was Amanda Chase over Wayne Powell, retaining the republican seat in the 11th district after Chase unseated Senator Steve Martin in the GOP primary.

To see all the results from across the state, go HERE.

If your candidate won tonight, congratulations and enjoy the victory. If not, think about what you may have been able to do to secure that win.

And finally, thank you to all candidates in all parties who sacrificed a part of their lives to run for office…your efforts are not inconsiderable or unappreciated.