Larry Nordvig, Executive Director of Richmond Tea Party[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#cf2121″]G[/dropcap]reetings Fellow Patriots!

It’s “Crunch Time!” Senator Ted Cruz is calling for a grassroots army to rise up during this August recess, and rightly so. We have serious work to do.  We are facing two very serious issues…and we haven’t got much time. Let’s take a look at what we’re up against—

First: Obamacare. We must win this fight! We must delay, defund, and destroy Obamacare before it sinks its claws into our Republic and tears it to shreds. Obamacare is Socialism, pure and simple. Make no mistake, if Obamacare is implemented, our nation will still be called “America,” but the name will become only be a sham, a poor caricature of its former self. Socialized medicine will increase the debt, increase your taxes, raise your premiums, destroy your insurance plan, increase your medical costs, run your doctor out of the profession, subject your loved ones to inferior care and death panels, and create a new form of “government addiction.” This is serious. And we have precious few in Congress who will help us. So—it’s up to you.

Without the Tea Party, we are lost. But what to do? I’ll tell you—keep your eyes on your email, the Richmond Tea Party web site, and Facebook page. We will be informing you of several events and tasks, large and small, during the next few weeks. There will be something to do almost every day! But, let me highlight one—on August 19th we will rally with Americans for Prosperity at the Bell Tower at Capitol Square. The rally begins at noon and is followed by an even more important event. The MIRC committee will have a hearing next door at 1:00. These are the folks who decide on Medicaid expansion for Virginia (which also expands Obamacare). WE MUST PACK THE ROOM! Be ready for the public comment period! Let them know we OPPOSE Medicaid expansion! This is a maximum effort event! We MUST put the heat on the decision-makers! Wear something that marks you as a Tea Party supporter. Find out more here.

Also, be ready to take action on a national level. Starting this week, Richmond Tea Party will take measures to put pressure on key leaders, including Congressman Cantor, to defund Obamacare completely. You will have a part to play, so be ready!

And this brings me to our second very serious issue—amnesty! This also is a “must win” for the Tea Party, for our country, and for our Commonwealth. The negative consequences of amnesty would be enormous—trillions of dollars in government spending, the loss of our “melting pot” culture, significant job loss among our most-needy citizens, increased security risks, a mockery of the rule of law, and millions of new “entitlement progressives.” Here again, be on the lookout for ways in which Richmond Tea Party will soon fight back! In the meantime, there’s a rally on August 12th, downtown in Jefferson Park from 6-8 p.m., sponsored by Tea Party Patriots. This event was posted on our web site last week.

But, here’s an even more important “heads up!” Richmond Tea Party will be hosting our own protest/town hall event in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned for the exact time, place, and attendees. Again, we will be asking for maximum effort! It will definitely be worth your time and energy!

So, be ready for ACTION! We will be discussing details by way of meetings and conference calls for our Action Teams. If you have not yet signed up as a volunteer, you may do so from our web site home page, or just call us at (800) 394-5885. You should also sign up for our newsletter. I would also ask that you hit the “donate” button and give generously…we’re in the fight of our lives right now, and we need your financial support!

Let’s hammer away on these issues and send our representatives a SERIOUS message: “We, the People, will stand neither for Obamacare nor amnesty! We must ensure that “Crunch Time” doesn’t turn into “Custer’s last stand!”

Richmond Tea Party thanks you in advance for joining us in the fight for freedom!

Larry Nordvig

Executive Director