Photo: FoxNews Insider

Photo: FoxNews Insider

Greetings Fellow Patriots!

This week, we celebrate some victories, and we face renewed challenges. Victories first!

A little over a week ago, the Richmond Tea Party packed two charter buses with our Patriots and sent them straight into the “lion’s den.” Almost 150 of our supporters united with thousands of others on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC for the “Audit the IRS” rally. A notable line-up of Tea Party-favorable politicians took to the stage on the very steps of the Capitol and denounced the IRS targeting of the Tea Party and other conservative groups. Speakers included legislators Michelle Bachman, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and many others sympathetic to our cause of liberty. Glenn Beck made the keynote speech, and televised the event on The Blaze TV. Representatives from various tea parties affected by the IRS scandal were also given time at the podium, including RTP. Best of all, the rank and file of the Tea Party seemed to be re-energized by the event, and definitely made a statement that not only are we resurgent, but that we will not sit idly by and let the Government trample on our rights!

We also need to celebrate the fruits of Tea Party labors from previous efforts here in Virginia. We have a complete ticket of Tea Party-minded candidates running for the top state-wide offices in the Commonwealth. Led by “Cucc,” these candidates stand a very good chance of sweeping to victory in November. What’s more, we need to recognize the work of our fellow Patriots elsewhere, who wisely used the primary races to un-seat some in the General Assembly who chose to ignore our grassroots demands for fiscal responsibility, specifically pertaining to their “yes” votes on the horrid “Transportation (Tax) Bill.” Their strategy serves as a template for us, as well as a warning to politicians who ignore the Tea Party at their own peril.

The Richmond Tea Party is also reaching more people than ever. Our last meeting was very full, our Facebook page was seen by over 10,000 people in one week, and the media now considers our organization as a “go-to” source for all things conservative! What’s more, our writing team has been flooding the papers with insightful editorials. We are helping to drive the national conversation!

As a footnote, there was some confusion as to whether the Richmond Tea Party has an Education Team. We do! It’s just not as active during the summer, since many Boards of Education take time off, school’s out, and the General Assembly isn’t in session. But, starting next month, we begin our attack on Common Core! If you want to be a part of this, email me at

I mentioned challenges. The continuing IRS scandal is one of those. Congress continues to investigate, and our lawsuit against the IRS has been signed and delivered. But we need to keep the heat on! This will take months of perseverance, but we will win! They have already admitted wrong-doing. I am optimistic. ALSO, we are asking you to rally again—this time, to speak out against the “Amnesty Bill!” in support of American workers. Black Americans will be disproportionally harmed from increased competition in the unskilled labor market, and we need to stand together against rewarding lawlessness. Please help us support the “DC March for Jobs” with your attendance. We have 2 FREE buses going to DC on July 15th. We need to fill them! Col. Allen West is the keynote speaker. Sign up on the website or Facebook page. You must sign up for a bus seat and for an event ticket SEPARATELY! We’ve got to DEFEAT AMNESTY, or we could very well lose our Nation! Rally Time!

Keep fighting! We’re winning!