Larry Nordvig, Executive Director of Richmond Tea PartyHello again, fellow Patriots!

Another month, another round of activity! This month, the Richmond Tea Party has been active on several fronts, most notably with our participation in the “DC March for Jobs” rally in Washington. You can read the details in a separate article, but the end result of this successful event (our 2nd trip to DC in 3 weeks) was increased morale among our own supporters, and the media exposure necessary to insert ourselves into the national discussion against amnesty for illegal aliens and in support of the rule of law. This is exactly the type of outcome a rally is intended to produce.

We also gained additional media coverage on FOX News’ 4th of July special, Newsmax television and radio, and local channel 12. What’s really encouraging is that Richmond Tea Party has become the “go-to” organization for all things conservative. We now weigh in on issues far outside the IRS scandal, such as college tuition loan rate hikes, the Fair Tax vs. Flat Tax, amnesty, and even the airline crash in San Francisco! We have the ear of the media, which is crucial in helping to drive the narrative and sway public opinion (a prerequisite to effecting changes in legislation that will restore our nation).

Our supporters have been busy in other ways, as well. Our Writing Team got busy submitting letters to the editor, and our Local Government Team continues to attend Board of Supervisor meetings in 3 counties, faithfully reporting important developments. On that front, it looks like the “meals tax” fight is heating up in Chesterfield County (Henrico has been battling already). This coming month, our Education Team will train their focus on Common Core, a perfect example of how intrusive federal power can be fought at the local level. Our Campaign & Elections Team is also getting ready to begin the campaign season of canvassing, phone banking and more! Our IT Team has just unveiled our sharp, new web site! A special mention goes to the Minority Outreach Team, which held their last meeting in the living room of Kay Cole James, a political appointee as head of the United States Office of Personnel Management, and current President of the Gloucester Institute. Friends in high places, indeed! All of the above would not be possible without the continuing behind-the-scenes support of our Admin Team, for which I am truly grateful.

Well, that’s surely enough for one month! Come to our meetings the 4th Thursday of every month and join the fight! Or, volunteer/donate at! We are making a difference!

In Liberty,