Imagine going to a four-star restaurant and ordering the soup of the day, let’s say it’s chicken vegetable. In the kitchen the chef puts in the pot fresh vegetables and chunks of tender chicken and special seasonings. Then, as an added bonus he adds two drops of bleach. Thinking that something else is missing, he adds two drops of antifreeze, then decides to add a few drops of insecticide, drain cleaner, paint thinner, and, as an added touch, he drops in a mothball. After stirring all the ingredients together he dishes out the soup and serves it to you.

If the chef put just one of these poisonous chemicals in the soup, we might get sick from it but we would survive. However, the combination of so many different poisons would probably kill us. Yet, that is what people in our national kitchen – known as Congress – are doing to our money supply.

Money is the lifeblood of our economy and if that blood is poisoned, the economy gets sick. If it receives too much poison, it dies.

The first poison is spending more than we take in. That’s called debt and right now our national debt is massive. The second poison is quantitative easing, which is printing worthless dollars and putting them into the economy. That devalues the dollar. The third poison is raising taxes on as many things as they can. That’s makes it harder for businesses and people to survive, which also has the effect of lowering government tax revenues, which makes it harder for the government to pay its bills. Then there are policy poisons that raise the price of commodities such as mandating that corn production be diverted to making ethanol, leaving less corn supplies for food, thereby driving up the price of corn, which is used in making numerous products. Quantitative Easing also has had the effect of causing prices in other countries to rise thereby raising the price of items we import.

Our country used to be the four-star economy of the world but what the fiscal chefs in Washington have done is poison our economy.  As a result, it is sick and possibly dying. What the Tea Party movement wants is to prevent our elected representatives from spoiling the best economy in the world by having them follow a fiscally responsibly recipe.