FreedomWorks Rally for the Republic on September 26th. Be there!

We haven’t been encouraging you to attend DC rallies in some time, as we know you get burned out from the travel if executed too frequently. But we feel that THIS rally is an important one, to show support for Rep. Jordan’s candidacy for speaker and Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice. Congressmen Rand Paul, Dave Brat, Mark Meadows, and Sen Ted Cruz will also be in attendance….what more reason do you need!

>>>>We encourage all available RTP supporters to attend this event. RSVP Now!<<<<<

From FreedomWorks:

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Rally for the Republic featuring Reps. Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Dave Brat, & Sen. Rand Paul
Wednesday, September 26th from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
United States Capitol (West Lawn)
East Capitol St. NE & First St. NW
Washington, DC 20004 Save

FreedomWorks wants to flood the halls of Congress with the sound of your voice and make it perfectly clear to YOUR Members of Congress that YOU want conservative champion Jim Jordan as the next Speaker of the House and Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court!

Please RSVP right now to let us know you’re interested in coming.

PS – More information will be provided as we get closer to the date.

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Eric uncomfortably admits that until about 10 years ago, he was a political "free rider", always thinking that others would do the heavy lifting to keep America on course. After watching both democrats and republicans steer us FAR in the wrong direction, Eric knew he had to get involved. Now working with Richmond Tea Party to advance conservative principles, Eric serves on the Board of Directors and as a resource for "all things technology".

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