I came across an interesting memorandum that Congressman Eric Cantor put out yesterday.  He seems to believe we can still kill the health control bill.  Here is an excerpt:

Millions of Americans have made clear their opposition to the Democrat take-over of our nation’s health care system. Together with my Whip Team, I have identified 37 Democrats who – we believe – can be persuaded to vote against a final health care agreement. Because each of these 37 Democrats voted for the House bill, we only need to turn 3 votes to prevent a final agreement from passing. Below are the 37 Democrats we believe are in play, and the issues that drive their final vote.

If we can convince enough of these 37 Members (along with the 39 Democrats who already voted no) to reconsider and switch their position on the bill, I know that we can defeat this government take-over of our health care before it becomes law.

Cantor goes on to conclude:

Democrat Leaders are telling the press and pundits that the hardest part of the process toward enacting their government take-over of our nation’s health care system is past them, but long-time students of the legislative process know better.

Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid can no longer promise to address a wavering Member’s concerns later in the process. They can no longer make contradictory promises to different Members. And because of the work of the American people [that would be us tea party people!], they have hardly any margin for error in keeping 218 House votes and 60 Senate votes in lock-step.

Keep up the calling and emailing.  We know that Senator Webb is nervous.  He hosted a last-minute tele-town hall last week where he tried to justify his health care vote.  Do we look THAT stupid?  We won’t stop until the end! Persevere!

To read the entire Eric Cantor Memorandum, go here: http://republicanwhip.house.gov/floor/CantorHCMemo.pdf