Well…it’s become so common now that we almost can’t act surprised, but reports are coming out that John Boehner and republican leadership have no intention of using the power of the purse to slap down President Obama’s outrageous power grab (exerted for actions on illegal alien amnesty). We’d like to think that there is representation in D.C. that actually wants to uphold and safeguard the rule of law, but we’d be wrong. You see, actions being taken in Washington have nothing to do with what is right or vital to the health of the republic. What we’re seeing is simply chess-playing for political purposes.

The lie that republicans tell you to get you to shutup is that “we can’t have another government shutdown” to stop Obama’s illegal actions, because “it will hurt the republican party”. But unfortunately for the liars who lie, we just saw historic gains in the last election by the GOP after having one of those exact “shutdowns”. From the successes in the last election, it seems to me that the GOP should WANT more shutdowns (kidding here, but you get the point about the false narrative being used to shut you up and scare conservatives).

Hell, even “conservative warrior” Charles Krauthammer is attacking conservatives for actually wanting the House to exercise its legal and proper remedy against these illegal actions. He just keeps spewing the same nonsense that we hear month after month…”now is not the right time for this fight….let’s wait awhile till whatever“. Lunacy.

So why did we select this particular featured image for this story? Because being a conservative in D.C. must be like swimming in a sea of spineless invertebrates.

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