Larry Nordvig, Executive Director of Richmond Tea Party

Larry Nordvig, prior Executive Director for Richmond Tea Party

Through his time as Executive Director of Richmond Tea Party, many of you came to know Larry and his strong conviction to preserve the republic and advance conservative values. Yesterday Larry announced that he is running for the Powhatan Board of Supervisors, no doubt realizing that the best way to effect positive change is to help set direction and policy.

You can find Larry via his Facebook page HERE.

From his page:

I stand for Low Taxes, Property rights, No Ugly Sprawl, and a more business-friendly environment.

I believe in my neighbors

I believe in a strong economy.

I believe we should not bury businesses with a mountain of red tape

I believe in debt-free government

I believe in fiscal responsibility

I believe in as low a tax rate as possible, without sacrificing our teachers, firemen, policemen, county employees, and essential services

I believe in your property rights

I believe we should preserve as much natural beauty as possible

I believe in God, and that we should treat each other as we would want to be treated by others

U.S. Naval Academy honors grad
Naval aviator & major airline pilot
Virginia-certified teacher
Powhatan Youth baseball coach
Term-limited! 2 terms, then up of out!
Political grassroots leader
Frequent guest on FOX News & others

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Good luck Larry!