Attention supporters:

There is effort underway to expand high-speed rail service in Virginia, all the way through Chesterfield. High-speed rail has proven to be a relative debacle nearly everywhere implemented, especially where there is not a significant population center to utilize its services (major metro areas). Precedent indicates that this would become a HUGE taxpayer funding hole that would require continued commitments to maintain, all while servicing only the tiniest percent of the population.

Now the ACTION part: The public comment period closes TODAY (the 5th), so if you’d like to comment on this initiative, you need to do so immediately. It is our position that we do NOT want another tax dollar hole sucking the life out of Virginians, so if you agree, please click below and submit your discontent with this idea.

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Link list of shame:

(I can post links all day that show what a reliably horrific high-speed rail is worldwide)