So after more than a year of being ridiculed, maligned, and told we would not last, the Tea Party has been such a dramatic success that Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann formed a Tea Party Caucus in U.S. House of Representatives. From the Politico:

Bachmann, already a hero within the tea party, sent a letter to House Administration Chairman Robert Brady (D-Pa.) Thursday to register the House Tea Party Caucus to serve as an “informal group of members dedicated to promote Americans’ call for fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and limited government.”

Bachmann, in a statement, said Americans have “had enough of the spending, bureaucracy and the government-knows-best mentality running rampant today throughout the halls of Congress.”

As usual, Bachmann is ahead of the curve, willing to stand with the American people. And now she’s made it easy to learn who else is as well. Contact your representatives and let them know you expect them to join the House Tea Party Caucus. Then we’ll soon know who’s publically committed to constitutionally limited government and fiscal responsibility.

But that’s only the first step. Will those who join the Caucus actually vote according to its principles? We’ve seen almost no indication in recent years from either party that those principles are even factored in to their decisions. Which is why we find our country ruled by an out-of-control government driving us toward an economic catastrophe.

The fact that the Caucus was formed, though, shows that at least some in Washington understand what should be obvious to all: We the People are no longer going to lay back and put up with power-hungry politicians who use bribes and trickery to pass unpopular and unread 2,500-page bills that steal our precious liberties, then have the nerve to call us racist, angry, and violent when we dare speak out against such blatant corruption and abuse of power.

We the People are going to restore this nation to its founding principles by replacing any politician who opposes our mission with one who supports it.

We began this primary season.

We continue in November.