I’ve been telling people lately that the Big-Government machine, well-funded and gargantuan as it is, can’t ultimately defeat freedom-loving Americans, as long as we are principled, informed, and engaged. We have the numbers and the passion on our side. And why wouldn’t we? Our core principles of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets resonate with Americans and inspire loyalty to our cause. Countless patriots have died fighting to protect and advance those basic freedoms.

On the other hand, who in their right (Left) mind would be inspired by the Big-Government agenda of blinding taxes, reckless spending of taxpayer money, crippling regulation of the businesses that provide jobs, and total government control of our lives? Put another way: “You’re incompetent and unable to take care of yourself. So vote for me, give me all your money, and I’ll do everything for you.”

Obviously few would actually support this agenda when presented straightforwardly; that’s why those in power who govern by these principles (which is the norm, not the exception, I’m sorry to say) must mislead or outright lie about their beliefs and actions to win support and elections. They do things like to stir up a bunch of anger at “rich” people (not those in power who are rich, of course). Or they pit races and sexes against each other. Because by creating anger and directing it at some group other than themselves, they are able to distract We the People from the continual abuses of We the Government.

Now—while that may win some elections in the short-term, it is a horrible model for sustaining long-term loyalty and activism from supporters in a nation built on freedom. Lies eventually are exposed and anger is fleeting. We can see this happening now. For as well-funded and organized as the professional Left is, about all they’re able to produce these days are videos of a few scattered people making juvenile chants about how evil Bank of America and the Koch brothers are.

The Tea Party, on the other hand, is still going and growing. Tax Day rallies were held all across the country for the third straight year. But did you know that the Left coordinated counter-rallies that day as well? While the Tea Parties kept to their local, decentralized approach that has been their MO, the Left rolled out a national campaign called “US Uncut” to protest corporations and the eeeeville profits they generate. (They’re also generating jobs in a rough economy, but why get distracted with such details?)

How did it all go, you wonder?

For the answer, I take you as far left as Left gets, geographically and politcally: San Francisco. Surely, the Left’s overwhelming presence in a city that big would easily drown out those Astroturfy Tea Partiers.


For an on-the-scene report, complete with pictures and videos of flashmobs, check out Zombie’s post at Pajamas Media. Be sure to read the entire play-by-play of his experience in participating in the successful Tea Party rally and then trying to actually find the elusive US Uncut protest and its 45 or so supporters. It’s a hilarious and fascinating look at the differences between the two events. It’s interesting to note, too, that while the Left is performing flashmobs of hate against corporations, the Tea Party is performing flashmobs of kindness for those who are struggling in this economy.

Overall, the contrast between the Tea Party and US Uncut events illustrates perfectly the point I’ve been trying to make. Even in San Francisco—where they’re so liberal they think Nancy Pelosi is a conservative—Big-Government ideology doesn’t inspire people to come out in numbers anywhere close to those of the Tea Party. They’re just not dedicated to their uninspiring cause. We, however, are fully dedicated to the cause of freedom—one that has for centuries moved Americans to sacrifice everything. And as long as freedom-loving Americans remain outspoken and engaged in our day, we will ultimately restore this nation to its founding principles, survive the crises we face, and thrive again.

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