To all Chesterfield County residents:

The Board of Supervisors will vote TOMORROW (Wednesday, 4/9) to decide whether or not to raise property taxes to meet budget shortfalls, instead of “right-sizing” the county budget to match current revenues (like you do in your own home budget). This will result in an average annual tax increase of at least several hundred dollars.

We have created an advocacy campaign in our Action Center, and we encourage you to use this tool to contact the BoS immediately to have your position be clear.

[button color=”#ffffff” background=”#cf2121″ size=”large” src=””]Take Action Now![/button]

Click the button above to send an email, then pick up your phone and CALL the supervisors NOW. Leave a message if you can’t speak to anyone directly.

Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors:

[column col=”1/5″]Chairman Jim Holland
Dan Gecker
Steve Elswick
Art Warren
Dorothy Jaeckle [/column]
[column col=”1/5″]768-7528

This is make-or-break time…if you don’t take action now, the county’s hand may soon be swooping down into your wallet.

Call NOW!