The “Tea Party” is a topic popping up on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a quick Google search shows 42 million web hits. You have seen the Rallies, the Signs, heard CNN, read articles on the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. Television Political commentators find the Tea Party a constant topic.  But ‘Who’ is the Tea Party?  Recent ‘Rasmussen’ and CNN Polls of registered voters across the U.S. show the Tea Party with over 1 million members Nation Wide and growing, serious in their intent and marking success after success.

National Statistics:

The age of members is evenly distributed, from 18 to 64, with the majority in the 30-49 age group.  The movement is truly Nation Wide. Regions of the South and Midwest have 60% of the Members, while the North East and the West have 25% of the members. The movement is predominately White, while recruitment for all groups of Americans is a key goal noted amongst Tea Party leaders.  The Tea Party does not support any one Political Party, but are more of a Voice and influence.

The members may also belong to the Republican or Democratic Parties and be liberal or conservative, showing most Americans can believe in fiscal responsibility across any Party Line. In short, the Tea Party is comprised of Americans from all walks of life, income, genders and beliefs. The Tea Party movement is what the Founding Fathers so aptly referred to as “We the People.”

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