Defend the borders and protect US citizens
Enforce existing immigration laws already on the books

May 3, 2010 – The National Tea Party Federation (NTPF) in a statement of support for the citizens of Arizona, calls on the Federal government to perform its constitutional duty and enforce existing immigration laws and secure our sovereign borders. It is in the national security, and economic interest of this nation that the appropriate actions be taken.

The illegal entry of foreign nationals, drug and human trafficking has had a devastating effect on the border communities. It has caused undue hardship on border residents, and led to untold human suffering of illegal foreign nationals. In addition, there has been a significant increase in murder, home invasions, kidnappings, and robberies, especially in the state of Arizona.

Toby Walker, President of the Waco Tea Party stated, “While the focus of criticism seems to be that the state of Arizona decided to act in its best interests, we in Texas understand the frustration by the lack of action from the Federal Government in protecting our borders. Representatives in our own state are now calling for a similar law to be passed in Texas. When the Federal Government does not execute its Constitutional duties, the states must act to protect its citizens.”

Jason Hoyt of the Orlando Tea Party commented, “The left is trying to make this about race. It is not. This is about the rights of states and their respective responsibility to protect their citizenry. The border must be secured and the crime, drug dealing and human trafficking that now engulfs the border states must be dealt with before we discuss immigration reform. I’m proud of the state of Arizona for exercising their state’s rights and no longer waiting for the Federal government.”

Robin Stublen president of Punta Gorda Tea Party said, “The failure by the Federal Government to meet its obligations under the Constitution resulted in the passage of a new state law by Arizona. We respect and support the leaders of Arizona in their effort to restore order in their state and protect their citizens. We can all agree that more must be done and that our borders must be protected. However, until the Federal Government and those elected decide to take the necessary steps to properly secure our borders against trespassing by foreign nationals, we support Arizona and urge other states to adopt the Arizona law as well. It is not only their right under Article 4 Section 4, but their duty to protect their citizens and their property.

Jerry Clark, President of the Las Cruces Tea Party said, “New Mexico is a diverse state. We embrace legal immigration and the enforcement of our laws. However, Arizona is acting in its best interests for its people. The Federal Government has done little to secure our borders and we expect more. A nation without borders is not a nation and the Obama administration has shown no interest in performing one of the key Constitutional duties enumerated in the Constitution, protecting our national security.”

As a nation of immigrants we honor those foreign nationals who reside within our sovereign boundaries legally by obeying visa and residency laws. We welcome and acknowledge those following the legal and reasonable process to become proud, naturalized citizens of the United States.


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Richmond Tea Party is a proud member of the National Tea Party Federation. Tea Party members of the NTPF who are in states that are drastically impacted by illegal immigration have worked together to issue this press statement. This is an important constitutional issue for all concerned.