I am sure many of you have seen this video, but I want to post it here so we can be fully aware of how Tea Party activists are being treated and that we are being potrayed as some sort of threat. We are advocating mainstream ideas that have been the bedrock of this country: constitutional adherance, limited government, fiscal restraint, free markets, and virtue and accountability. From this video it is obvious that the police were told to consider the Tea Party a threat.

This is a group of peaceful Tea Party activists (parents, children, and senior citizens) singing patriotic songs and holding signs. This free assembly and free speech action of the Tea Party in Quincy, IL, last Wednesday prompted the riot police, in full gear, to stand guard over the tea party. This is pretty astonishing.

What is even more amazing is that ILLEGAL immigrants can actually RIOT, throw plastic bottles at police, deface property, and the media says absolutely nothing….

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