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CVTP –The Central Virginia Tea Party Press……. 3/15/15

“Knowledge is power.  Be advised or be surprised, your choice.”


The US Govt has no money but offer $2 trillion in assistance – it uses YOUR money – see the list


‘Heartbroken’ Couple Denied Foster Children Because of Legal Gun Permits


Dave Brat Town Hall Event – March 30th at Hilton Double Tree Hotel


Learn your US Constitution in one minute


Just for fun—————-


No wonder our young people may lack some of OUR American spirit.


McConnell, caves, promises to Raise Debt Ceiling  “Hey, Harry Reid. It is still your senate.”


Residents call School funding for tech center ‘illegal’ – Oversight committee was never established.


ATF backs off controversial bullet ban proposal – mid uprising by gun owners and congress


Texas Lawmaker Files Bill to Block Unconstitutional Federal Acts


‘Bout time – Lawmakers Try to Weed Out Federal Crop Insurance


Tips to avoid identity theft & what to do if you lose your wallet or credit card – see #7


Spokane: Armed 2nd-Amend. Supporters Confront Feds; Feds Back Down but wanted a snitch on the supports’ group


Chesterfield County Calendar of Events


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