RTP Monthly Meeting

General Membership Meeting
Thursday March 26th 7:00 PM

Richmond Alarm Co
14121 Justice Road
Midlothian VA 23113

Keeping the Republic

The only way to KEEP THE REPUBLIC is to use the issues to drive elections and use elections to drive the issues.


Why Primaries Matter
Dustin Curtis
State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

“Why Primaries Matter” will reveal recent history, case studies, and why they’re the most efficient way to change political behavior.

We are honored to have Dustin Curtis as guest speaker at our regular Richmond Tea Party meeting on Thursday, March 26th.  Dustin has been a candidate, an activist and is a leader of conservative causes.

He was born and raised in Spotsylvania County and currently lives in Locust Grove, VA with his wife & 1-year old. He is a volunteer state coordinator for Campaign for Liberty where he helps train and mobilizes activists and he says he loves every second of it. In 2013, he ran in the Republican primary for district 54 VA House of Delegates against Bobby Orrock. He previously served as the Fredericksburg Patriots Chairman and was Treasurer for the Fredericksburg Area Young Republicans.

What are the Issues?
Carol Stopps
Cooperative Legislative Action (CoLA) Committee
Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation

Carol has been the CoLA Chair since 2009, and no one from the tea party perspective in Virginia knows more about the legislators and the bill making process than Carol.  She will discuss the issues raised in the 2015 Virginia Assembly and provide insight on how to use these issues to evaluate potential candidates.  Once the issues are identified, the next step is to use the skills learned in the Center for Self Governance training to hold our elected representatives accountable.  We have seen many successes at both the ballot box in in the legislature.

The RTP is a grass roots organization, which means that if you would like to see additional activities, objectives, bring them to our attention and help us achieve them.

See you Thursday!

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Thursday, March 26th, 7-9:00 pm

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Richmond Alarm Company
14121 Justice Rd
Midlothian, VA 23113

Come to the front door of Richmond Alarm, then go right as soon as you enter the lobby. Stay to the right as you walk towards the back of the building, and you’ll see the elevator and stairwell to your right. Come to the 2nd floor, and the meeting space is just past the large open area (across from the restrooms).
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Contact: Coordinator Team
Email: teapartypatriots@richmondteaparty.com
Phone: (800) 394-5885