I’ve seen posted all over the Interwebs that the massive wave election this November was an indication that the people like the job that the GOP leadership is doing, specifically that The People showed their preference for “moderate” candidates over Constitutional conservatives. “Establishment” GOP-types are using the election results to push the false narrative that “crushing the tea party” was directly responsible for those gains, because voters rewarded that behavior with election wins. But nothing could be more incorrect or 180 degrees away from reality. Voters gave election gains to the GOP because they want the party to put a stop to the progressive agenda that is eroding the foundation and operations of America at every corner. Steve Deace at Conservative Review writes:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

See, the American people weren’t just sending a message to Obama, they were also sending a message to you. And if you refuse to act upon that message, then you will be guilty of defying the will of the people every bit as much as the Marxist Progressive in the White House.

The message from the American people is clear – stop Obama.[/quote]

We’ve seen wailing from the timid national leadership about how “shutting down the government” was a terrible idea, and that Ted Cruz must be punished/marginalized…you know, that he’s “radical” and “extreme”. But a funny thing happened….the GOP gained in the election anyway…even with the most-feared “shutdown”. Its a sad state we’re in where House republicans refuse to use the tool they ACTUALLY POSSESS to stop the lawlessness we see nearly every day – the power of the purse.

We need MORE leaders who are willing to do the right thing (govern with conservative principles) regardless of perceived political consequences…because we’ve just seen how those perceptions can be wildly incorrect.

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