Once again the Obama Administration denies America more domestic energy production and denies the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia good paying jobs and more revenue to our State Government.  The Richmond Tea Party simply wants to point out that we support our two Democratic US Senators, the majority of our Congressional Delegation, the majority of our State General Assembly members, our Governor, and the majority of Virginia’s citizens who want to drill oil and gas off our coast.

We believe that our bipartisan leadership of the State are right on this issue and that the Federal Government once again is wrong on this issue.  The RTP promotes limited government and free markets; we the people in Virginia know what is best for our Commonwealth — not the bureaucrats and not the lobbyist in DC.

Call our leaders in Congress and support them in their efforts to reverse this bad decision of the Obama Administration.  Tell the out-of-control government in Washington to stop blocking more domestic energy, good paying jobs, and more revenue to our local communities.   ~B. F. Isenhour, RTP


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http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505245_162-57320899/leaders-ask-obama-to-reconsider-va-waters/ (Steve Szkotak,  Associated Press)