I’d appreciate you taking a few seconds to work with me here, dusting off those agile imaginations of your teen years in order to anticipate upcoming possibilities. No matter your current age, you can all remember those frustratingly hopeful days spent visualizing a future in which you were allowed to be adults. You looked forward to making your own decisions, rightly expecting that others would finally show respect for your choices and direction. You would not only be free, but responsible for the result of your self-determination.

Today we face a transformed force in government, one that sees us not only as perpetual dependents. This government actually refers to us as enemies, seeing us as lives to be perpetually harvested for political and financial profit. A dependent population is more easily controlled and less troublesome to its leaders, and this is the direction in which three hundred million citizens are being catapulted at this very moment in America’s history.

Our Republic has produced tremendous results in over two centuries, from individual discoveries to wholesale rights and freedoms the whole world over. Individual self-determination has been at the core of these strides, focusing minds and motivating actions in ways never duplicated by government manipulation.

We are the adults, not the government. Politicians are the childish dependants, insisting that they be protected from responsibility for their results by evolving into a ruling class of politicians and special interest voters numbering in the tens of millions. It’s time we forced that entire class out into the real world, and it’s time we shouldered the work we’ve foolishly outsourced to selfish power brokers.

We are the adults, right?