Everyone whom has ever posted anything on the internet has at some time posted their predictions.  Most of them are wrong.  Time will tell about mine.

One thing I have learned is this: in spite of the facts on the ground

  • historic high deficits that continue seemingly without end
  • unsustainable debt loads at the federal, business, and personal level (and soon to include states and localities) with no hope of repayment, ever
  • economic “growth” being measured in terms of dollars of GDP, wherein said “growth” is 1.5%, and with those very same dollars being inflated at about 3% per year as measured by the same people (What is the real economy doing?  Math, anyone?)
  • central banks worldwide printing massive amounts of “money”.  The Federal Reserve has printed about $2 Trillion and given it to the banks and the federal government in the past five years.  THIS IS 3% OF GDP ALL BY ITSELF, PER YEAR.
  • an unsustainable future curve for “entitlement” spending

…reality can be delayed, the game can go on, for a lot longer than I first imagined.  Europe is a fine example: they have “saved” Europe with grandiose “plans” at least 5 or 6 times, over the past 5 years, and for some reason (vested interest among the financial players) no one has called the bluff and pointed out that there is no money, that bankrupt countries cannot loan money to bail out other bankrupt countries.  Yet, the situation goes on, and on, and on, and the bankster shill mainstream media announce each new deal with gusto.

This isn’t capitalism.

And so, my first prediction: here in the United States, there will be no grand budget deal, ever.  There will be no real plan to deal with the deficit, ever.  Stop looking for one; it’s not going to happen.  The numbers are impossible; doing so would put a stop to the delaying of reality, and the pain would begin for real.  Instead, there will be an ongoing, never-ending series of little deals that will forestall the inevitable for another few years, and then another few months, until finally everyone is so sick of hearing about it that not enough of us will continue to pay attention anymore.  The vested financial interests will never call the bluff of the central banks (the bond vigilantes have been co-opted), and your lifestyle will be inflated away to near nothing through coordinated central bank money-printing, market interventions (central banks openly DO buy bonds and mortgages, and they are known from meeting minutes to intervene in currency and precious metals markets…what makes you think they wouldn’t buy stocks?)  What’s left of the middle class owns few stocks, and so preserving the stock indices (DOW, S&P, etc) merely preserves the position of the financial class.  They will be saved while we slowly have our lifestyles, livelihoods, savings (if any), and futures torn from us.

These little deals will be announced with great fanfare, and the markets will climb on the news.  As an interesting aside, imagine the money you could make in the leveraged stock futures markets if you knew the timing of these announcements.  Then, imagine you were an elected official who was immune from insider trading laws…ahhh, the rewards of selling your soul to the banksters.  Will there ever be a federal budget again?

OF COURSE NOT.  There will only be spending, as much as they want.