Adding to the plethora of voices from the Left and the Right now singing about the incompetence of President Obama, Dick Morris has written a hard-hitting column that explains who we have elected as our leader. Here’s an excerpt:

Both the financial crisis and the oil come ever closer to our shores — one from the east and the other from the south — and, between them, they loom as a testament to the incompetence of our government and of its president. 

And, oddly, to his passivity as well. After pursuing a remarkably activist, if misguided and foolhardy, agenda, Obama seems not to know what to do and finds himself consigned to the roles of observer and critic.

America is getting the point that its president doesn’t have a clue. 

The tragedy of it all is that America could have seen this coming, if the mainstream media had attempted even a modest effort at studying and reporting on the President’s past. But they didn’t, so Barack Obama assumed the role of the most powerful executive in the world with a grand total of zero hours of executive experience; and what little legislative experience he brought—which is largely irrelevant to an executive position—showed a history of merely voting “present” on many of the issues. That was his way of side-stepping accountability for any controversial vote he might have cast. So is it any wonder we find ourselves led by a Chief Executive who has no idea how to run or take ownership of anything?

We are in desperate need of real leadership and representatives who will bring actual accountability to Washington. It’s on us to find and support those this November who are up to the task.