Rep. Eric Cantor has decided against joining the House Tea Party Caucus established by Rep. Michele Bachmann. Here’s his explanation:

The second-ranking House Republican told POLITICO on Tuesday that he’s not joining the group started by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) because he sees it as more of an organic, grass-roots movement rather than a Washington entity.

Cantor praised Bachmann for providing “another avenue for people to have their voices heard” but said he thinks the tea party is better left outside Washington.

“I met with several of groups that operated under that moniker in Virginia; they’re not all uniform,” Cantor said in his third-floor Capitol office. “That’s part of the beauty of the tea party movement; it’s organic. And it’s certainly not Washington. So I think it’s better left with the people.”

Honestly, I didn’t expect him to join. Best I can tell, he’s not a big fan of the Tea Party movement. You can decide on how sincere or valid you think his explanation is, but I want to keep you informed on this topic.