Here is a brand-new video from the most recent town hall featuring Pete Stark (CA-13). This is just the latest example that shows the professional politicians in D.C. no longer represent us, they RULE us.

Logged highlights
1:30 — Sixteen year old tells Stark she fears for her future with all the money Congress is spending.
2:00 — “What happens when the money runs out?” Stark’s mocking reply.
2:30 — Taxing currency transactions.
3:20 — Stark: “The federal government can do most anything in this country…”
3:50 — Hispanic American: “Secure our borders!”
5:15 — “Do you support E-verify?”
6:53 — “Are you in favor of changing the 14th amendment?”
7:37 — “You would rather give the illegals amnesty than secure the border”.  Stark: “where did you get that idea”. Constituent: “from your website!”
8:20 — Stark’s apology to Minuteman for his conduct at last meeting.
10:05 — After meeting remarks by constituents.