We received the following press release from the South Carolina Tea Parties:

We, the undersigned Tea Parties of South Carolina, are issuing a censure of Senator Lindsey Graham. Sen. Graham, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, recently voted to approve Elena Kagan’s nomination out of committee and to the Senate floor for a full vote. As the lone Republican voting to approve Ms. Kagan, Sen. Graham’s rationale appears to be that as President, Obama has the right to appoint anyone he wishes to the Supreme Court. However, the Constitution’s balance of power requires the Senate to confirm the nominee as being fit for the role. If the President appoints someone who is unfit, it is IMPERATIVE for the Senate to check his power and vote NO. As part of the oath of office, Sen. Graham is required to uphold the Constitution. All of the available evidence indicates that Ms. Kagan is completely unfit for this office and will not uphold the Constitution, but will instead use her powers to legislate from the bench. Ms. Kagan has no experience as a judge, and her graduate thesis reveals her belief in judicial activism and that it is “not necessarily wrong” for judges “to mold… the law in order to promote certain ethical values and achieve certain social ends.” Her time at Harvard also showed that she favors international law over our U.S. Constitution, and she fought all the way to the Supreme Court to ban military recruiters from Harvard. It is clear that she will not uphold our Constitution and will legislate from the bench, helping to destroy our country in the process.

Sen. Graham, if you believe that since elections have consequences and therefore Obama can do as he wishes, without any fight or impediment from those who oppose his radical agenda for America, then we suggest that you step down now and let the people of South Carolina find someone who will fight for our country, our freedom, and our ideals. If you continue in office, understand that We the People are watching you closely, and we will continue to hold you accountable for your failure to uphold the Constitution and Conservative principles, and we will be working hard for your replacement in 2014.
Laurens Co. Tea Party
Columbia Tea Party
S.C. Black Conservatives Movement
Seneca Tea Party
Boiling Springs Tea Party
Tea Party of the Lakelands
Myrtle Beach Tea Party
Spartanburg Tea Party
Patriots R Us (Walterboro)
Aiken Tea Party
Tea Party Patriots of Florence
Anderson Tea Party
Rino Hunt
Hilton Head Tea Party
Fairfield Co. Tea Party