Democrats put the first bump in the road for the Virginia TEA Party Federation’s marquis measure, the State Repeal Amendment resolution, by voting 4-3 against it in a public hearing.

The resolution calls upon the US Congress to convene a convention for the sole purpose of passing only one amendment to the US Constitution.  This amendment would, in effect, give the high threshold of two-thirds of state legislatures (34) the ability to overturn federal laws and regulations with which it disagrees.  But before that could happen, three-quarters (38) of the states would have to ratify the amendment.

The Senate version, SJ280, sponsored by Sen. Ryan McDougle, was heard by a subcommittee of the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee Tuesday morning.  After approximately ten minutes of discussion amongst the subcommittee senators, another 30 minutes was spent listening to public comment, mostly from TEA Party supporters, half in favor and half opposed.

Democrat Sens. Deeds, McEachin, Northam, and Whipple opposed the measure.  Republican Sens. McWaters, Martin, and Smith supported it.  The vote is only a recommendation.  The measure should come before the full committee next Tuesday, Jan. 25, at 4 pm, in Senate Room A of the General Assembly Building.

The House version, HJ 542, sponsored by Del. James LeMunyon, is expected to be heard by a subcommittee of the House Privileges and Elections Committee next Monday, Jan. 24, at 7 am, in the 5th Floor West Conference Room of the General Assembly Building.