We’ve heard that the CBO scores the Health Care bill somewhere between deficit-neutral and revenue-friendly. How can that be?  More taxes, of course.  This  detailed summary of Obamacare taxes from Ryan Ellis, Tax Policy Director at Americans for Tax Reform, will separate these mythical future savings from soon-to-be real-life costs to us all. It’s class warfare and redistribution at their very worst.

We know that Washington never simplifies and streamlines its own bureaucracies.  It grows them with purpose, driven to overwhelm those they feel entitled to control. The Health Care bill is the worst of best examples of “who really believes this?” coming from DC in decades. To trust assurances from politicians that only good things are coming our way with this legislation, we have to trust that they will suddenly resist overreach, avoid unfunded mandates, overcome the tendency to expand bureaucratic ranks and diligently regulate themselves at every turn. Tragically, many Americans trust these promises, and many others place political and ideological competition above all else.  We will all be the losers if this disaster cannot be undone.