From a commentary in today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch written by our own Joe Guarino:

We the People can gather in Virginia because, just over 220 years ago, a group of men we Americans call the Founders established a form of government whereby the People are in charge and grant certain limited responsibilities to a subset of our society that we call government. Unfortunately, over the past several generations, that relationship has been deformed beyond anything the Founders would recognize.

Joe goes on to explain how We the People are now engaged and working hard to restore our nation to her basic founding principles. One of the critical components is helping advance legislation that will protect and expand liberty, and to that end, Joe lists five key bills that the various freedom groups from across Virginia are focusing on during the 2011 General Assembly. As we were instrumental in passing the Health Care Freedom Act last year (currently being used to combat ObamaCare in the courts), we can do the same this year for these bills.

Be sure to reach Joe’s entire piece here.