Dan Riehl has two posts on his blog about elected Republicans’ generally negative view of the Tea Party  movement. In the first, he discusses how the soon-to-be-retired-against-his-will Congressman Bob Inglis believes the majority of his fellow Republicans agree with him that we are a conservative movement that preys on people’s fears and won’t last. In the second, Riehl highlights some insulting and dismissive comments about this movement that Congressman John Boehner’s  Media Director allegedly made. 

I believe both posts.

The establishment of the Republican Party doesn’t like us. And with good reason. We represent a threat to their power structure. Regardless of party, we oppose career politicians who seek to protect their positions over protecting liberty—which is under tremendous assault.

I understand why Congressman Inglis wants to believe the Tea Party simply preys on people’s fears. It’s easier than to accept the reality that out-of-touch politicians from both parties have incrementally retracted our liberties, steered us toward socialism, and wrecked this economy, creating a genuinely fearful time for Americans. We’re not preying on those fears; we share those fears and are motivated by them to make the stand for liberty that most of our current representatives won’t.

We the People plan to fire any Republican or Democrat who tramples the Constitution and insults those who revere it. We are no longer ceding our constitutional power to elected officials, allowing them to act like Kings; We the People are taking it back.

Starting this November.